An excellent presentation from Julie I hope she can come back to do a follow up.

I'm so inspired to get my business off the ground, I am confident that no other innovative project such as 'Crocus Market' exist and I would love the chance to support budding entrprenuers to promote their products and services and offer consultation to enable their business to grow.

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Cute Dog Consulting (pending approval) is an End Point Assessment Centre for the following:

Customer service - Customer Service Practitioner 2

Leadership & Management - Team Leader/Supervisor 3

Housing - Housing/Property Management Assistant 2

Housing - Senior Housing/Property Management 4

End point assessment forms the final stage of a Trailblazer Apprenticeship, the independent assessment is separate to any qualifications or other assessment that the apprentice may undertake during training, and it is this role that Cute Dog Consulting will fulfil.

Details of end point assessment requirements for each scheme are attached as Standards and Assessment Plans.

Each Final End point Assessment will contain:A case study assessment, portfolio of evidence and interview/viva, which must ensure that apprentice candidates fully meet the requirements set out in the apprenticeship standard and enable the grading of the apprenticeship to be completed. We will use the recommended weighting of the components, which are 70% portfolio and 30% case study. We are aware that the interview/viva is not assessed, but used as a means of confirming the evidence set out in the portfolio and case study and addressing any areas of perceived weakness in these two documents.

Our interview panel will first review the completed case study and portfolio as preparation for the interview/viva and prepare the structure of the interview, seeking to develop further understanding of the apprentice competence, addressing any areas of uncertainty or gaps in the case study written submission, portfolio and assessing the overall competence of the apprentice in the context of the standard and assessment criteria. The assessors (the panel would comprise the line manager, training provider and representative of the Assessment Bodies determine if the evidence demonstrates (or not) that the apprentice is competent to do the job, and where the evidence signifies a pass whether this is a pass or distinction grade in terms of the award of the apprenticeship.

An interview/viva, based on the portfolio/case study, will then be convened by the assessment panel with the apprentice which will be used to probe the skills, knowledge and behaviours acquired through the apprenticeship and demonstrated through the case study and portfolio. The focus of the interview/viva is on the apprentice being able to prove their competence in their work role, through the work they have completed. This entails demonstrating competence against the defined assessment criteria, derived from the competencies set out in the standard. A record will be made of the interview/viva including questions and responses from the apprentice for evidence and verification purposes. The panel is responsible for ensuring that the collective evidence satisfies the requirements of the apprenticeship. All members of the assessment panel will score the outcome of the final assessment independently. The intention of the process is to reach consensus over the award of the apprenticeship. If, however consensus cannot be reached, the independent assessor (appointed by the Assessment Bodies has the final decision on the recommendation to award. We are undertaking this application with the intention that we meet the requirements of End Point assessor i.e. an independent (third party) assessor who will be appointed by the Assessment Bodies to ensure that there is an objective and independent view. We can demonstrate that we have: impartiality and objectivity (the Assessment Bodies will be required to identify potential conflict of interest) No prior involvement with the candidate prior to the final assessment relevant experience within the sector recognised competence in assessing against the awarding criteria.

We understand that the decision of the panel will be subject to moderation by the City and Guilds as part of the quality assurance process, to ensure that due process has been followed and that decisions made are comparable with those made for others, prior to the final award of the apprenticeship. In addition, City and Guilds must periodically undertake standardisation meetings where they will monitor the standards over time, review and compare assessment outcomes from different apprentices, employers and training providers and take action to ensure that the process and outcomes remain standardised. In terms of quality compliance, vocational knowledge and experience and CPD:

All Cute Dog Consulting assessors hold either A1 or TAQA qualifications, and have been approved for delivery by our EQA, at City and Guilds. Our centre meets the quality requirements of City and Guilds in terms of vocational competence and CPD for this scheme. Cute Dog Consulting has designed and developed our own assessment products and tools, and have set of workbooks, question banks, quizzes, tests and guidance for professional discussion for all units, mandatory and optional within the Schemes we are offering end point assessment. Our assessors and internal quality assurers are experienced in working with candidates with special needs and speakers of other languages.

You can be assured that Cute Dog Consulting will offer you an efficient, non obtrusive, confidential and impartial end point assessment process which will be sympathetic to your organisation's work flow and requirements.

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L4 Apprenticeship Standard Senior Housing Property Management

Housing Property Management Assistant Level 2 Assessment Plan

Senior Housing Property Management Level 4 Assessment Plan

Team Leader Supervisor Apprenticeship Assessment Plan

Apprenticeship Standard for Team Leader Supervisor

For more information, please contact Julie Lawn Julie@cutedogconsulting.com