"The customer service NVQ has been very positive for me. Julie Lawn knows that I never finish what I start.
There has been some hurdles that I have had to jump - even at the starting block, but it was great to get on the wavelength of the course. I have now finished across the line, ‘my line’ and the ‘Axa red Line’
I am very much interested in another NVQ level for the future.
Its all down to Julie and a few members of my workmates in the department, in giving me confidence and letting me know more about my role at AXA."

RS, Axa Assistance

European Social Fund


What will you gain from this course?

This course will help you develop an effective personal leadership and management style. You will gain confidence in your ability to manage individuals and teams and be able to implement effective management techniques to manage change within your organization.

Because this course is bespoke to each individual and company, the syllabus will be designed to suit your existing knowledge and skills, but you will need to make a commitment of at least 500 hours over a 3 month period to study and learning.

What does this course cover?

Training will include: leadership style; developing the vision; role of the director; assertiveness and personal effectiveness; presenting the impact; communication of the goals/strategy. Leading and managing high performance

For your senior management team, we offer a similar (shadowed) course which will reflect the learning outcomes you are aiming for by setting tasks for your senior managers.

Training will include: building a high performance team; motivation; recognition and reward; team dynamics, behaviours and skills; team building; discipline and grievance handling; delegation; planning and organising; roles and responsibilities; performance management; recruitment and selection; succession planning; organisational development, responding to change and following a management development plan.

This course will take 3 months minimum to complete.

How does it benefit you as a senior manager?

As well as giving you the opportunity to develop new skills, this course will provide you with a better understanding of your current job role and the environment in which you are employed. It will act as a spring board to formal management accreditation with the Institute of Leadership and Management, should you decide to progress.

How will it benefit your staff?

Your self development will enable you to lead and manage your staff team more effectively. In turn it will enhance the motivation and production levels of your employees, thereby improving performance in the workplace. It aims to boosts the motivation and confidence of the employee and provides an independent measure of performance against national standards. It generates tangible performance outcomes by increasing productivity and supporting existing training and development which could lead to increased efficiency and profitability.

£4,000 a head for one to one tutoring over a period of 3 months on your site by an ILM accredited management trainer.

Contact Julie Lawn at Cute Dog Consulting for further information – julie@cutedogconsulting.com