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Being on Job Seekers Allowance can make you feel really hopeless. Your confidence goes and you dont think you will ever get a job. Thank you so much for believing in me Cute Dog and for giving me 3 different work placements. I really believe I will get a job now!

ST 2014 Brighton

European Social Fund

Why Cute dog consulting?

Why CuteDogYou can trust Cute Dog Consulting to operate within social aims, values and beliefs. We have an enviable track record of successfully delivering value in business advice and partnership building.

All our people have at least twelve years relevant business and social enterprise experience so they can understand the business problems and issues faced by our clients. They each have an extensive track record of successful delivery encompassing business planning, process and financial solutions. They possess the ability to listen to clients and provide honest, impartial navigation to a realistic goal.

Benefits of working with Cute Dog Consulting

  • We are a Social Enterprise and a Limited Company
  • We employ only those marginalised in the workforce so you can be sure you will be helping those who most need employment to gain work and stay in work
  • Cute Dog is a ‘Back Office Service' - We work in Employers premises, with their own staff and their own branding - no need to attend College or lose your stamp of excellence and ownership on a learning programme 
  • Cute Dog has has a proven track record of working with SFA direct contract holders - we are one of the top South East based private sector training providers
  • Our capacity building and client support is recognised as Good Practice by both Ofsted and AELP South East
  • If we do charge for what we do - which is rare - we are inclusive, transparent and competitive.
  • We believe in adding value to our employers and clients, not adding cost or unnecessary paperwork!